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Hrgović Zrinka

Zrinka Hrgović, MD, is a dedicated medical professional from Split, Croatia. After completing her medical studies at the esteemed University of Split, School of Medicine in 2022., she embarked on a
fulfilling career as a general practitioner, providing compassionate care to her patients at a local healthcenter. Zrinka’s versatility is seen in her pursuit of many interests, even outside of her professional

Currently, Zrinka is immersed in academic endeavors, pursuing her doctorate at the School of Medicine, University of Split. Her research interests span across various medical fields, reflecting her commitment to
advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. Specifically, she is deeply intrigued by neurology and pediatric neurology, where she seeks to explore the complexities of the nervous system and its development in young patients.

Additionally, she is passionate about ethics and ethical integrity within the medical profession, recognizing the critical importance of maintaining high standards of conduct and
decision-making in patient care and research endeavors. She has also contributed her expertise as a trainee at the Center for Evidence-based Medicine at the University of Split School of Medicine, where she honed her skills in critical appraisal and research methodology.

Zrinka’s passion for medicine is matched only by her thirst for knowledge and her desire to make a meaningful impact in her community. With a steadfast dedication to lifelong learning and professional growth, she continues to excel in both her clinical practice and academic pursuits, embodying the spirit of a true healer and scholar.


  • Country: Croatia
  • Affiliation: Center for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Split School of Medicine

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