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Dori Amir

Dr. Amir Dori is a senior clinical lecturer of neurology at the Tel-Aviv University and the director of the neuromuscular clinic, and of the neuromuscular pathology and research lab at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

Dr. Dori graduated from Ben-Gurion University Medical School in Israel in 1998 and received a Ph.D. in Morphology and Molecular Biology in 2002. He completed his residency training at the Sheba Medical Center and has been board-certified since 2009. Following a three-year neuromuscular clinical fellowship at the Washington University in Saint Louis, he returned to Israel in 2014.

His research focuses on ALS, hereditary amyloidosis, immune–mediated polyneuropathy, and ultrasound imaging of neuromuscular disorders. He integrates human tissue biopsy samples into basic science research, has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, and has been awarded multiple prizes for excellence.


  • Country: Israel
  • Affiliation: Tel Aviv University

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