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Kalinowska Alicja

Dr Alicja Kalinowska graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) in 2006. She received her PhD from PUMS in 2011 and completed neurology training in the Department of Neurology by PUMS in 2013. She currently holds position of PUMS professor by the Department of Neurology, Division of Neurochemistry and Neuropathology and senior consultant at the Neurology Clinic by University Hospital in Poznan, Poland.

Her main research and clinical interests include neuroimmunology, especially neuropathology of multiple sclerosis (MS) and related disorders, immunopathophysiology of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus and using advance image analysis tools in relation to immunological markers of neuroimmunological disorders. She has authored and reviewed numerous manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and spoke during multiple neurological and immunological conferences. Her research has been funded by several grants from the National Science Center of Poland. She has gained her experience in several research facilities abroad, including Department of Neuroimmunology, Center for Brain Research, Medical University of Vienna (Austria), Division of Cell and Experimental Pathology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Lund University (Malmö, Sweden); and Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (USA), where she currently hosts the position of a research collaborator. In 2021 she has been appointed the President Elect of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Section of the Polish Neurological Society. She is also a member of European Academy of Neurology Scientific Panel for Multiple Sclerosis.

She is committed to medical education and collaborated in this aspect with Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. She teaches neurology and immunology at PUMS and participates as a lecturer in numerous educational activities organised for the neurological community in Poland and abroad.

  • Country: Poland
  • Affiliation: Department of Neurology, Division of Neurochemistry and Neuropathology, Poznan Univeristy of Medical Sciences

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