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Vincent Angela

Angela Vincent is Emeritus Professor of Neuroimmunology at the University of Oxford and has affiliation with the University of London. She is medically qualified and has an MSc in Biochemistry. She was an Honorary Consultant in Immunology and led the Oxford Neuroimmunology Service for 25 years until 2016. She was President of the International Society of Neuroimmunology (2001-2004), Head of Department of Clinical Neurology (2005-2008) and an associate editor of Brain (2004-2013). Although not a neurologist, she received the Association of British Neurologists medal (2009), the WFN Medal for scientific contributions to neurology (2017, Kyoto), and the American Epilepsy Society Clinical Science award (2019 with Prof J Dalmau). Interests include clinical and serological studies on patients with neuromuscular junction disorders (myasthenia, MuSK-myasthenia, neuromyotonia) and acquired disorders of the CNS associated with antibodies to receptors, ion channels and associated proteins (eg. LGI1 and CASPR2, AQP4, MOG, NMDA and glycine receptors). She pioneered the idea that maternal antibodies to fetal-specific proteins could cause developmental disorders and has recently extended this work to maternal antibodies to CNS proteins that could be involved in neurodevelopmental disorders.

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