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Wang Xiao-Ping

Xiao-Ping Wang , Chief Physician and Professor, Doctoral Advisor of Jiaotong University School of Medicine (Neurology; integrated Chinese and Western medicine since 2010),  Director of Neurology Center of Jiading Branch of Shanghai First People’s Hospital, 2022 -, and consultant specialist of Neurology Department of Shanghai International Medical Center.

Director, Prof. Neurol Shanghai General Hospital (Jiading Dist), Chairs 1-9th International Conference of Movement Disorders , Shanghai, 2010- 2021 ( with MDS, & CONy ). MDS-AOS Leadership: Excutive Member. Sect Chair, CONy World Congress of Neurology Controversies 2019  Madrid . Chair, International Drugs Discovery and treatment, Sept Boston. Co-Chair with Le WD, IAPRD Satellite Meeting ,World Congress of PD&RD Shanghai Nov 2011. Lead Guest Editor. Curr Neuropharmacol; Parkinson Disease.

Hallett Mark, Director of NIH Clinical Department, came to visit our hospital for guidance; He has received Academician Yang Xiongli, Academician Appel of Cornell University and Academician Atta  of King College in UK to visit and exchange ideas. Entrusted by the International Association, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education for many times, there were seven international MDS conferences from 2010 to 2021, among which Academician Fan Xian-qun, Dean of the Medical College, and Chen Hong-zhuan, Vice President, delivered speeches respectively. Dr Wang Visited and exchanged ideas in Montreal Institute of Neurology, Canada, Japan National Headache Center in Tokyo, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Parkinson’s Center of Washington University; Queen Square Senior Visiting Scholar of London Institute of Neurology, UK, Aarhus University in Denmark, Kiel University in Germany, University of Karach, Cardiff University in the UK, International Society of Neurology in Paris and World Congress of Neurology in Bangkok in 2009 made academic speeches.

The main papers include Movement Disorders, Lancet Neurology, Alzheimer Res Their, Hepatology, European Neurology, QJMed, Neuroscience Letters, Acta Neurol Scan International J Psychology, Front Neuroscience, Front Cell Neuroscience, Aging Dis, and Cell Dis Death The results of clinical research have been delivered and exchanged in the international conferences World Congress of Neurology 2009 and World Congress of Parkinson’s and Motor Disorders 2011. Participated in NEMJ, NJ Parkinson’s Disease as coauthor As guest editor in chief, he presided over the Current Neuropharmacol  special issue on drug treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and the guest editor in chief of Front Neurosci and Parkinson’s Disease, 2016-2022, member of the editorial board of the 6th to 7th Chinese Journal of Neurology,  Vice-chair of mobile medicine branch of the Chinese Stroke Association (CSA)  presided over four NSFC projects and led one international exchange and cooperation fund project, and 2 medical education talent projects of Wang Kuancheng.



  • Country: People's Republic of China
  • Affiliation: Shanghai Jiao-Tong University Med School

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