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Janelidze Marina

Dr.  Marina Janelidze is currently a Professor of Clinical Neurology at the Tbilisi State Medical University.  In addition, she serves as head of the Clinical Neurology department at Khechinashvili University Hospital.

During her long professional career, her interest covered different fields of neurology.

She has experience in treating a broad spectrum of neurological diseases, including neurodegenerative, vascular, and demyelinating diseases of the Nervous System.

Besides clinical practice her research interests include neuroimmunology, at the beginning of her professional career, her postgraduate doctoral thesis was dedicated to the evaluation of immune reactivity in different types of epilepsy.

Later neurological peculiarities of primary degenerative dementias attracted her research interests. She and her collaborators translated into Georgian language   Mini Mental   State Examination and MOCA   tests,   validated them and implemented to everyday clinical practice of neurologists.    Due to her efforts,   from the late eighties, different types of dementia and mild cognitive impairment became one of the main topics of neurology in Georgia.

Desire to improve the teaching of Neurology in Georgia inspired her and her colleague to translate in Georgian Malcolm Carpenter’s “Core Text of Neuroanatomy”. Professor Marina Janelidze is the author of the Georgian Handbook of Clinical Neurology, which Is the main native language textbook for students and residents.

  • Country: Georgia
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