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Surya Nirmal

Dr Nirmal Surya (M.D., D.N.B, FIAN, MNAMS, FAAN) is a Hon. Ass. professor in Neurology at Bombay Hospital & Research centre and Hon. Neurophysician Saifee hospital, Mumbai. He is also Honorary Neurologist to Maharashtra Police.

Dr Surya is the Chairman of Surya Neuro Centre and Founder Trustee and Chairman of Epilepsy Foundation India, which is a not-for-profit organisation working for the cause of epileptic patients in India.

The few positions Dr. Surya holds on the academic front are as follows: 1. President , Asian Oceanian Society of Neurorehabilitation 2 . Member at Large of Presidium of WFNR (2020-2024) 3. Chair for Special Interest Group (SIG) on developing world forum of WFNR 4. Regional Vice president, (South Asia) of WFNR (World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation), 5 (Founder) President, Indian Federation of Neuro Rehabilitation (IFNR) 6. Past president, Indian Academy of Neurology (2021-22) 7. President Elect, Indian Stroke Association 8.


  • Country: India
  • Affiliation: Department of Neurology, Bombay Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai

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