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Vuletic Vladimira

Vladimira Vuletic graduated at the Medical School University of Zagreb in 1997, received her PhD degree in 2011 at University of Osijek, following further scientific appointments – Assistant and Associate Research Scientist at the same University. She is Board certified specialist in neurology and movement disorders, dementia, stroke, intensive care medicine, and expert court witness.

From 2016 she has been acting as a Professor at University of Rijeka, Head of Clinical Department of Neurology, UHC Rijeka and Head of Department of Neurology on Medical faculty University of Rijeka. Apart from her education in Croatia (UHC Sestre milosrdnice and UHC Rebro, Zagreb, Croatia), she was further educated in United Kingdom (London), Germany (Munich, Cologne, Kiel, Wuerzburg) and USA (New York). Also, she is very active in mentoring young doctors, running Parkinson’s disease Association in Croatia and public awareness actions in all fields of neurology.

Prof. Vuletic has conducted a lot of scientific research and lectures in the field of Movement Disorders, Dementias, and Stroke. As the only neurologist in Croatia that was trained for deep brain stimulations in neurology and is a part of Croatian DBS team, from the beginning she promote this method in public and in scientific area in Croatia and wider region and also other invasive methods for advanced Parkinson’s disease. She runs a Memory Clinic at her department.

She has attended many international congresses, conferences and meetings, with oral or poster presentations (WCN, MDS, WPC, EFNS, ENS, ESC, WSC, EAN …) and many local congresses as well. She was an invited speaker, organizer and chairwoman on several prestigious congresses. She has reviewed manuscripts for several renowned international medical journals and participated in local scientific projects in Croatia and in international scientific projects. She has Journal editorship experience and is an active member in numerous international neurological associations (WFN, EAN (fellow), MDS, RSM (fellow)), and is currently serving as board member of Croatian Neurology Society and a member of EAN assembly. She is also member of scientific panels for movement disorders, dementias and stroke for European Academy of Neurology (EAN).




  • Country: Croatia
  • Affiliation: Department of Neurology, UHC Rijeka

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